Midnight Madness for the Entrepreneur

November 30, 2017

I keep some of the most unconventional hours, but I’m beginning to see this is my normal and I’m totally ok with that. When I end my day as a Health Insurance Specialist, I’m often psyching myself up to be Supermom.  It honestly was easier when she was 9 months and younger, but now that she’s a full-blown toddler in preschool who has her own agenda, there is a story each and every day at pick-up regarding my baby Rambo and her soldiers.  Once we get home, we chat it up about who threw bugs, who ate grass, who didn’t sleep during nap time and who her best friend is for the day. She helps me whiteboard my thoughts and upcoming meetings (actually she draws, hence the overbooking that one time) and after dinner and a bath, she goes down and I mentally turn up.

I’ll normally leave her drawings up while looking at my notes. Not that I need the inspiration, but it’s cute and makes me smile when frustration sneaks in.  Common themes and questions that have kept me up lately have been: Where is my better-half/necessary Co-Founder? (I’ve learned that’s pretty close to a marriage), Demo Day Prep, Alpha/Beta Clients, Bootstrapping vs. Raising and of course...Ensuring I’m solving the right problems.  But other than that, everything is peachy.

Being in DivInc’s pre-accelerator has been the best thing that has happened for me as a business woman attempting to solve this whole D&I issue for STEM students as well as STEM professionals.  Similarly to being a mom, being an entrepreneur has taught me that I’m not a pro at this, there is no blueprint for flawless execution, you will mess up often and epically, but you just have to look for millimeters of grace in what could be a complete FUBAR and what I like to call a monumental teaching moment. Lastly, the best piece of advice I’ve learned is to be comfortable with being incomplete-thanks to the original mentor who said this and Dana for reminding me...at every pitch practice. You won’t have all the answers each and every time someone asks you a question and you won’t have a solution for every single problem thrown at you, so be ok with that. Be ok with allowing yourself to be human, welcome help from good people and mentors who have been there, do your best to learn your unknowns and hustle to find those answers.

I have so many things to finalize before next Friday, but they will get done. Many of my high-level issues will be ongoing areas I continue to work on and research after Demo Day and that’s ok too; however, the one thing that will get done on Saturday is to celebrate this win.  Being a minority woman in tech with a non-technical background has often made me question my sanity; but when I take into consideration my passion, my purpose and my problems I’m addressing, I recalibrate and get back to business.  After 13 weeks of working hard and seeing my progress of where I am compared to where I started, I don’t need to search far for reasons to celebrate.  I have plenty.  I’m happiest when she’s smiling, so our activity will probably center around a doll store followed-up by ice cream, and that’s totally fine because when she goes to bed, she’ll be smiling and I’ll be up hustling to find resolutions to those problems that still exist, mapping out our company’s future plans and working towards our next win.



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