The Night Glow-in-the-Dark Goldfish Gave Me Hope…

December 2, 2017

So, both Ashley and I had not so “bright” moments tonight.  Mine felt a little more defeating than hers, but as tired as she was due to her misunderstanding critical elements, she probably would agree to disagree.  I am my worst critic, so I beat myself up before she put life in perspective for me really quick by telling me about Yorktown Technologies LP’s $50 million (plus performance-based incentives) acquisition by Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc.  When she told me the product that was actually purchased (Glow-in-the-Dark Goldfish), I truly had to rethink just what the heck I was constantly doing wrong in my life.  Then I thought about it and I answered my own question:  by being reactive to those things that may be external threats, but honestly should have no impact on me and me building my “empire”. 


Now I’m not saying the goldfish had me wanting to go back to my drawing board; but I did take that moment to better myself.  Don’t mistake me, I am thrilled for everyone over at Yorktown.  That is an amazing accomplishment and what better way to be validated and honored?  I used this moment to realize that I may have well-established competitors that will laugh at my very early-stage efforts and to accept that it’s ok if I was wrong when I thought those closest to me/those who could help me most with my product would tell me yes.  It’s ok because that doesn’t mean SOMEONE won’t find value in my vision.  Disappointment should not provide an allowance for discontinuation of your dreams.  I am not everyone’s glowing goldfish, but I am somebody’s (in this case a VC/Angel/Client) and we will know it when it happens.  I talked about lessons in my last blog post so what was mine here?  Well, my “monumental lesson”, joined by a text from my mom, a convo with Ashley and Yorktown’s acquisition reminded me of what is for me will be for me.  That may sound cliché, but that’s been my life story and honestly that belief has yet to fail me.  I have worked so hard on my business that something great absolutely has to happen.  Not everything I go after will be mine, but everything I desire to be mine is worth going after.  You never know when your breakthrough will happen, but stay ready because opportunities are not always optimal. 


As for now, I am currently out of town for a conference; but I promised the princess a present when I returned.  A glowing goldfish is not such a bad idea.



Picture Courtesy of Glo-Fish

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