WonderWomenTech: Speaker Spotlight

February 19, 2018

Not long ago, I was given the privilege to chat with Valerie Sindal from WonderWomenTech about my vision and the changes I seek to make as I move my company forward.  I have included a portion of the interview below; but to view the full interview, please visit the site included at the bottom of this post!  


Thank you WonderWomenTech for the opportunity and thank you for stopping by FuzeU!  Happy Monday!


Wonder Women Tech

What role does diversity play in innovation? What role should diversity play in innovation?

Shambrekia Wise

As the world we live in becomes more diverse, we as a society need to realize that we must develop new ways to address diversity.  Antiquated recruitment practices, interviewing with unconscious/conscious biases and lack of concern with retaining talent are all issues corporations are dealing with today and it’s not a mute-point.  Qualified, minority talent leaving the STEM industry is costing employers $16B annually due to reasons such as but not limited to harassment and lack of belonging and the industry is suffering because of the void that is being left behind.  We need to know how to effectively and purposely recruit better, remove biases from the interview process and most importantly show current employees their worth and what we as companies are willing to do to keep them onboard.  Furthermore, as we witness times and applicant pools becoming more diverse, we need to also realize our CLIENTS are becoming more diverse.  How do you attract people to an organization when there is no one at any level who looks like them?  How do you create a sense of belonging for your clients when they have no one they can truly relate to?  These are all questions that employers have to face and answer if they want to move forward and not fall back.


How are you a Changemaker in the STEAM industry, or what are you contributing to innovation that will transform communities, companies, policy, and/or the industry?


As the CEO of FuzeU, I am working from the ground up to address STEM Retention as well as D&I issues on a grand scale.  It is my belief that if you work 10 steps ahead of the problem, you can cut the cycle.  I’m trying my very best to do that and I want the next generation of STEM men and women, especially of color, to be given an equal chance to be excellent by creating an intentional pipeline from their blackboards to our boardrooms.


To read the rest of our interview, please visit:




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