It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like SX(SW)...

March 5, 2018

Traffic.  No parking.  Pedestrians.  A lot of pedestrians- and that's on a normal day.  Can you imagine what it's like when seas of people from across the world roll into Austin, Texas for one of the most epic conferences of the year?  As of today, you don't have to wonder.  SXSW is officially in full swing.  Last year there were roughly 420,000 attendees getting their nerd on, but I am almost willing to bet that number will definitely be topped this year.  I just finalized my schedule this weekend and I cannot wait for some of the keynotes and panelists to help me get my entire life together.  This conference is definitely a STEM lover/entrepreneur's dream come true.  The talent is unparalleled, the opportunities are endless and the trade show is one of the best I have ever attended.  If you are on the fence about attending, I urge you to do so!  You can still buy a badge and the mentors this year are incredible.  I'm including the link below for your convenience incase you would like to do a little research on this opportunity, but I assure you it changes one's life.  I attended last year and I have been moving forward and meeting people who have done nothing but help me win.  Hope to see you there!


Shambrekia Wise

CEO & Founder, FuzeU



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