SXSW: Pitch Black "The Future is Female" Competition

March 12, 2018


In case you missed it, please check out the pitch for FuzeU here:

The following is a dedication to the amazing women I pitched with tonight as well as my tribe.  Ladies, you rock.


It’s Your Turn.  If you are a woman who has second guessed her ability to go for everything simply because your circumstances didn’t seem conducive or your stars weren’t perfectly aligned with your plan, It’s Your Turn.  If you are a mother conflicted in pursuing your vision because you don’t want to feel like you might be placing your babies second to your dreams, know that It’s Your Turn.  I can speak strongly to these points because I have been this person who let external factors decide my abilities.  One day, I got tired of allowing my excuses set my ceiling, so I that day I stopped and I started creating FuzeU.  That’s when I started to live out my dream of returning to mentorship, but FuzeU allowed me to have a bigger impact because it was no longer just me.  It became this network of mentors who cared about our mission and the success of student leaders.  Their belief was so contagious and so infectious that I actually had the audacity to apply to SXSW Pitch Black 2018.  That turned out to be the best decision of my life to date as an entrepreneur because I was so uncomfortable.  It put me in a place of being judged.  Literally.  I was being judged and that scared the absolute hell out of me, but I wasn’t worried about being named as the winner, I just wanted to be successful.   Time is never on my side and I felt like my best would be capped because of that.  I have to say this cohort of women was phenomenal and the coaches were simply amazing.  Every single one of them that I had the pleasure of interacting with gave feedback that was invaluable to not only my presentation, but my growth as an entrepreneur and an individual.  I’m smiling because this was a huge sense of hustling gone right!  Not only will I not ever doubt myself and my abilities again, but I will always be aware that waiting my turn is a step away from failure.  How can one succeed if they are always looking for the perfect time to carry out their dream?  I understand that life can bring about those things we least expect and we have to learn to work around them; but, make sure that temporary situation that may be stifling you does not implant itself into your long-term plan of success.  I didn’t and neither did these other women I pitched with this evening.  Hey ladies, It’s Your Turn.  I’m finally taking mine… (Yo, Blake, this is totally a win)


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