No Internship? No Problem!

April 23, 2018



Finals are slowly inching their way around the corner and summer will be here in no time.  If you landed an internship, great job because not everyone has that opportunity.  If you didn’t, there are still other ways to help you have a productive summer.  I’ve laid out a few tips below that were extremely successful for myself as well as my peers; but don’t limit yourself to just this list.  Think of your own ways to be impactful this summer!  By being creative and intentional, you’ll be surprised by your possibilities!



While you didn’t land that internship at the Fortune 100 company, you still have options.  If you can find a job or volunteer opportunity that’s related to your field of study and it’s something you think you would be happy with, apply for it!  Don’t see it as a “Plan B”; instead see it as a part of your plan for excellence.  You never know the value that an unexpected activity can have in your future.


Summer Courses

This was my saving grace during both my undergrad and grad school years.  There was no way I was taking 21 hours during my tenure for either degree, during any semester; so I did my research ahead of time to see what courses I could take in the summer.  I even met with a few of the teachers during the regular semester to understand their expectations so I would also know if I could combine classes during those 6 or 8 weeks or if that class needed to be my sole focus.   


Position Yourself

You probably already think of yourself as a leader, so why not position yourself as such?  Four words:  LinkedIn is your friend.  Get acquainted, get an account and get active.  There’s nothing like making industry experts your go-to while you’re still in college, so follow them, follow their company and pay attention to the direction they’re headed.  This could make the difference in whether you later decide to apply for a job there or not.  Also, don’t be afraid to publish your own work.  Following is good, sharing is great but your work is unique and should exhibit something about you that a “like button” simply can’t do.  You’ve worked hard for your status as a high achieving college student, so be proud and share your accomplishments ESPECIALLY if it’s relevant to your field.  You might not be without that internship after all!


Plan, Prepare, Progress

So maybe this summer didn’t go the way you wanted it to, but this gives you time to make things happen next year.  Plan for what you want.  If you want an internship with this particular company, make yourself (respectfully) known.  A courteous phone call to inquire about a program or a short introductory email can make you memorable around application time.  This shows companies and organizations that you are not only planning to have them on your radar, but that you are prepared as a young professional and you are being proactive in your efforts.  Executing these actions symbiotically can help you progress to your next level and who doesn’t want that?


I hope you have found these bits of wisdom fruitful but drop us a note in the “Contact Us” area at the bottom of the home page if you still have questions.  Thanks for your continued support and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!  Happy Studying!


Shambrekia Wise

CEO & Founder, FuzeU

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